Environmental Education

The most important activity of the Center for Ecology and Energy has been the education of citizens and environmental awareness-raising. From September 1, 2001 to the end of 2007, 266 seminars have been offered with 7100 participants attending.

During these seminars citizens were familiarized with local environmental problems, as well as those around the globe, and introduced to modern methods for solving those problems. We presented the following subjects for the participants (governmental representatives, children/teachers from kindergartens/schools, NGO members and ordinary citizens) at the seminars:

  • Opportunities for individuals to make a contribution to environmental protection (water, air, land and forests)
  • Water conservation and the enrichment of water sources
  • Past and modern approaches to waste management (waste reduction, recycling and composting)
  • Efficient energy usage (resources, their extraction and the impact on the surroundings)
  • Traffic and the environment
  • Conservation and savings on energy used for both heating and electricity
  • Renewable and non-renewable energy sources
  • Climate change and global warming

We focused considerably on the production of promotional and educational material, all in the goal of giving clear information about environmental issues, portraying both good and bad environmental examples, solving the mentioned problems and presentation of CEETZ activities. We’ve produced a large number of handbooks, posters, brochures, leaflets, flyers, stickers and other educational materials.

Thanks to our good contacts and past cooperative success with various media outlets, the Center has been able to realize over 500 media releases (including interviews and broadcasts on both radio and television) in addition to 50 written articles in newspapers, magazines and over 200 on the internet. This all has acted as a means for spreading environmental education further to the public.

The project for environmental education with both the public and media outlets lasted until the end of 2007. We are very grateful to their cooperation, and especially thankful for the fantastic support from donors in Switzerland.