Natural – Filter Wastewater

Natural-Filter Wastewater Treatment in Tuzla Canton

The Center for Ecology and Energy implemented the project “Natural-Filter Wastewater Treatment in Tuzla Canton“ with technical assistance from the Swiss firm BiCon AG. The project was financed from a consortium of donors: Fördeverein UEZ and the Lotteriefonds for Canton Basel (both from Switzerland), the municipalities of Steinsel (Luxembourg) and Lukavac (B&H) and the government of Tuzla Canton.

The goal of the project was firstly to raise awareness about wastewater and water conservation. Specifically the project set out to present a real-life example of an eco-friendlier alternative for how water can be treated without traditional, environmentally-unfriendly chemical methods. The facility utilizes a combination of physical and biological filters to treat the water.
The local company Reweus d.o.o. began construction of the wastewater treatment facility itself in the summer of 2007 at the site of the elementary school Prokosovići (near Modrac Lake in Lukavac). Since September 7, 2007, the facility has been in operation, cleaning wastewater and benefitting the 350 students and 40 employees who study and work in the six school buildings.