Primary Waste Selection in Kindergartens

Primary Waste Selection in Kindergartens

Project title: Primary Waste Selection in Kindergartens

Project duration: 15.4. – 15.9.2014.

Implementer: Centre for Ecology and Energy

Donor: EU

Within the project „Primary Waste Selection in Kindergartens“ the Centre for Ecology and Energy introduced the separate collection of paper and plastic in 10 kindergartens of the Public Institution „Our Child“ in Tuzla.

Educational workshops for children with interesting presentations were held in these 10 kindergartens, and the leaflets were prepared and distributed on workshops to children and their teachers. After the workshops, by the two bins for separate collection of waste were purchased, blue for paper and yellow for plastic, and set up in all 10 kindergartens. The cooperation was established with the PUC “Komunalac” from Tuzla with aim of continuous transportation of separated waste from these kindergartens, and in that way the process of proper and sustainable waste management according to the EU standards was initiated.

Within the project a competition in interior decorating was organized between kindergartens. The children and teachers prepared the Eco-corner and exhibited their drawings and items that they made by using the recyclable materials and in that way they promoted the primary waste selection.  This competition was designed as an additional motivation for children to understand the importance of proper waste management for human health and to properly accept this process. Awards were prepared for all kindergartens and handed to kindergartens Coordinators at the final meeting that were held in kindergarten „Bee“.

The project „Primary Waste Selection in Kindergartens“ was implemented within the regional project, with the EU financial support.

The leaflet:

Prepared by: Amra Skramončin