The Cure for Consumers

Nongovernmental organization Magosfa from Hungary in partnership with the Centre for Ecology and Energy Tuzla as part of the project “New methods of education on ecological sustainable consumption”, which was implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, in August 2012, held a two-day workshop for teachers in hotel “Zlača”, Banovići.

The workshop was attended by school teachers, leaders of environmental extracurricular activities as well as teachers of ecology and biology. During the two-day workshop, participants were educated about new educational methods through social games, practical examples and experiments and they will be able to use that knowledge with their students in order to encourage their interest in ecological sustainable consumption.

The basis for the practical work is handbook in which is a collection of modules for environmental education called “The Cure for Consumers”, which is customized to local requirements and translated into Bosnian language.  Participants were provided with a copy of the handbook, which can be used in the planning and preparation of classes and teaching.

The handbook is written with the aim to assist teachers in communicating the importance of environmental sustainability through examples from everyday life. The teachers of different groups of subjects from primary school in Tuzla Canton could see through experiments in the classroom and nature how their class with students can look like. Two-day workshop included environmental issues such as the lack of fresh / drinking water in the world, the use of vegetable dyes for dyeing fabrics, food that grows in the woods, washing clothes in the past and present, local products, the harmful impact of advertising, etc.

We recommend Handbook “The Cure for consumers” to all teachers who can include in school curriculum methods described above in order to enhance their work with students. On the following link you can download the Handbook in PDF format.