Today We’re Recycling

Today We’re Recycling and Tomorrow You Can, Too

Through financial support of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance and the International Finance Corporation’s Private Enterprise Partnership for Southeast Europe, as part of their “Recycling Linkages“ project, the Center for Ecology and Energy has been implementing the project “Today We’re Recycling and Tomorrow You Can, Too” since April 2007.

The goals of the project are:

  • Introduction of separated waste (paper and plastic) methods for 4 apartment buildings in Tuzla (approximately 440 residents in 145 apartments) and one local kindergarten “Sunčica” through the placement of three recycling islands.
  • Raising of awareness among households in those apartment blocks and the children and families of the kindergarten about environmental protection, waste reduction, natural resources and recycling.
Six dumpsters – three each for paper and plastic – were set up in three locations and a local secondary waste collection company (“Angrosirovina”) was engaged to participate. To create more sustainable results, signs were erected at the recycling islands, posters were pasted in appropriate locations, a leaflet about the project and recycling was distributed and a small booklet about recycling for children was made.

Though the project officially lasts until April 2008, we can say it has already been successful. Both the company and the local residents seemed to have accepted the importance of separated waste collection for the economy and the environment.