“The Center for Ecology and Energy Tuzla is a Bosnian-Herzegovinan non-governmental organization that encourages sustainable development in the field of environmental protection, utilizing a combination of educational and practical work with cooperation at all levels of society and investment in the people’s resources.”

Welcome to the web pages of the Center for Ecology and Energy.

We opened our doors on the 1st of September 2001.

Long-term experience in the field of environmental protection of our partners, educators and friends from Switzerland helps us in defining our strategy. From the beginning we’ve offered continuous environmental education and awareness-raising about the environmental state in BH.

During the 266 workshops taking we led within the period between the 1st of September 2001 and the end of 2007, CEETZ staff have facilitated understanding and awareness of 7100 participants, bringing them more in tune with the environment in which they live.

Results of the education include many ideas implemented within the participants’ own organizations, as well as CEETZ projects in the following fields:

  • Recycling
  • Composting
  • Water conservation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy sources and
  • Climate change.

Today, the Center for Ecology and Energy has eight employees.

We are grateful to both our volunteers and partners for their support, which has made stronger ties between the Center and other NGOs, foundations and government organizations through cooperation and the implementation of joint projects.

We must learn how to live in accordance with nature and its process in this modern world of expansion, new technology and the rush for money and power. Only with cooperation between both young and old, individuals and institutions or experts and the untrained, can we make a large ecological oasis from our little state.

All are welcome to participate in seminars, and any interested persons should contact us by either telephone or fax ++387 35 249-311, or by email ceetz@bih.net.ba.



Swiss association for development of the Center for energy and ecology Tuzla/Bosnia and Herzegovina


Center for energy and ecology has been active since 1st September 2001: domestic experts work in the three following specialist areas:

–       Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency,

–       Waste, recycling and composting,

–       Water protection, use and saving,

professional education on environmental protection, expert projects and public affairs.


Swiss association for development of the Center for energy and ecology supports the center financially and professionally in this matter – nowadays, the support reflects on the joint initiation of new projects and requesting funds for their financing. During 2008 and 2009, the Center alone, with 6 employees who were employed by bosnian, foreign, european and international project financers, secured around 70% of its financings.


This is how everything started:

In the summer of 2000, Mrs. Džemila Agić dipl. ing. techn. at the University of Tuzla completed an eight-month practical course in the Cantonal office for the protection of environment and energy in Liestal, Switzerland. First, the idea emerged here and then a project, which was about building the Center for Energy and Ecology in Tuzla and to be managed by her.


Pioneer phase 2001 – 2004


Development association secured financial funds – 96.000 SFr for the Center’s first three years of working, through Lotteriefond Baselland. Also, the development association helps in building the Center. Three experts, who deal with environmental protection,  were employed (instead of one) by the Center through its own projects. Educative courses, similar to specialist school for environment – which were held in the evenings – attracted great interest from citizens, media, business world and national institutions.


Growth phase 2005 – 2007


In the meantime, the Center employed 8 coworkers on a full-time and part-time basis, depending on projects. The development association still provides content-related support to the Center  (Literature, paying visits to the members of the administrative board, practical courses in Switzerland etc.) and financial support by securing neccessary funds through swiss resources (see below) to secure the Center’s work (education and Center’s core).


Consolidation phase 2008-2010


The Center is successful and it has reached an enviable level of increase (the annual turnover is around 180000 €), and it learns to take even more responsibilities for its future. The increase of the professional competence of the employees enables the development association to reduce their financial involvement even more. The Center is able to write project proposals on its own, to implement them and to secure their funding. The development association still provides professional support, project support and reserve financial support and it will also help the Center for ecology and energy to become independent.


On 3rd March 2010, swiss association for development organized the 8th general meeting (see the annual report for 2009, below) where president and members of administrative board have been elected:


Ruedi Stauffer, Aarau, President

Maja Heller, Liestal

Thomas Ilg, Olten

Felix Jehle, Gelterkinden BL, Kassier

Peter Scholer, Rheinfelden AG

Matthias Zimmermann, Liestal BL



From 2001 till 2010, Center for ecology and Energy Tuzla and its projects were, beside private donors, financially supported by the following swiss institutions: Lotteriefonds Baselland and Thurgau / Commission for the collaboration development  Basel-Stadt / Metron AG Brugg / Hardwasser AG Basel / Foundation Ernst Göhner / Hamasil-foundation Zurich / Foundation Karl-Mayer / Famile-Vontobel-foundation / oak foundation Geneva / Foundation Paul Schiller / Local  catholic and evangelic church Baselland / Ökojob association / Arlesheim, Binningen, Duggingen, Hemmiken, Nenzlingen i Pratteln BL municipalities.




Foerderverein des Umwelt- und Energiezentrums Tuzla

Ruedi Stauffer, Praesident

Horburgstrasse 70

CH-4057 Basel / Schweiz

Tel.  0041 – 61 – 811 33 44

Mobitel 0041 – 79 – 621 22 07


Statute of the development Association